Saturday, October 12, 2013

How to Turn Your Blog Post Title into a Photo for Pinterest (Even if You Don't Have Photoshop) - Part 3

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Now that I've taught you how to make a blog title photo using real objects (Part 1 - see tutorial here), and how to make one from scratch without using your camera (Part 2 - see tutorial here), it's time to see the third way. Way 3 involves a combination of the first 2 ways.

For this 3rd way, you will need a digital photo. This can be a photo that you've taken that relates to the post you're writing, or a photo you (legally) acquired through the internet or otherwise. (I may write a post one day about legally acquiring photos online, but until that day you can check out my Pinterest board Blogging Helps for photo sources, tips, and other helpful blogger info.).

Step 1: Go to www.ribbet.com.

Step 2: Click "Edit Photo."

Step 3: In the upper left, click "Upload a Photo."

Step 4: Upload your photo of choice. 

Step 5: Once your photo is uploaded to Ribbet, click on the top tab that says "Aa Text." 

Step 6: Select the font of your choice, or upload your own font as I described in Part 2.

Step 7: Move your cursor into the text box on the top left and add whatever text you would like. Then click "Add." Generally, this would be your title, such as "33 Ways to Practice Spelling" or whatever your blog post is about. You can resize your text box or hit "Enter" to create multiple lines of text. Alternately, you can create multiple text boxes for each line of text.

Step 8: Save your photo and insert into your blog. Easy peasy. 

I hope you found any or all of these tutorials helpful. If you have a question or general comment, feel free to leave one. Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. love this, Autumn! My sister and I have been having WAY to much fun with Ribbet lately!

    1. I am so glad, Samantha! (Or do you prefer Sam?) It is fun. And free, which makes it even more fun. :)