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Charlotte's Web Free Printable Coloring Pages

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One of our favorite books from Sonlight Core B is the classic Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.

This is part 1 of a series of free printables, supplements, and activities for this book. My kids LOVED having coloring sheets that coincided with the chapters we were reading, so I thought I would offer them up for you to print off as well. I tried to provide a lot of different ones to appeal to different kids/ages. Print them all or just a few. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more Charlotte's Web freebies and supplements!

Chapter-Specific Coloring Pages

Week 1: Chapters 1-5

{Image removed. Click through link to see--adorable!!}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}
{Note: This picture shows 2 pigs. To explain this, you can say that Wilbur was going so fast that it was like he was here one second and there the next, so both pigs are him at different points in time.}

Piglet Coloring Page Worksheet
{For some reason, this pig just looks sad to me. If you disagree, you can use this coloring page for any chapter you like!}

Week 2: Chapters 6-9

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

Coloring Page of a Goose and Goslings. From an antique coloring book.
{Note: This coloring page shows 8 goslings, while only 7 hatch in the story}

{If you have trouble printing, there is another one here}
{Note: This is actually a tarantula, but it shows all 7 parts of a spider leg if the kids want to see them as Charlotte names them off. Also, this isn't actually a coloring page, so printing is trickier. When you click through, you will have to highlight the picture and then choose "Print Selection" through the Print Menu (Control P)}

Week 3: Chapters 10-13

Week 4: Chapters 14-18

Name:cricket insects bug coloring pictures.jpg,April 27, 2009               

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel coloring page

Week 5: Chapters 19-22

Charlotte's Web Coloring Page Worksheet

{Note: The book does not actually say that Avery does a handstand, but the picture on page 152 shows him doing one amid all the excitement.}

Other Coloring Pages {Any Chapter}

coloring page spider


Online-Only Coloring Pages {Non-Printable; Can Only Be Colored Virtually}

Paint a coloring page Sleeping pig of the category The Farm
{Note: The above link has lots of pages of other online farm coloring pages also}

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