Friday, April 26, 2013

About the Charlotte's Web Freebies, Printables, and Activities...

For those of you who are looking for the additional Charlotte's Web freebies/printables/activites I promised in my previous Charlotte's Web post, I promise that I will write those eventually.

For some reason, though, I feel like God is leading me in a different direction for now. I have been wanting to write some posts about phonics and make some printables for it, specifically printables to go along with Sonlight's Language Arts curriculum for kindergarten and possibly 1st grade. For whatever reason, this feels more pressing, while He is telling me to wait on the Charlotte's Web stuff.

I also feel led to write some more posts on faith and encouragement. Those will be coming soon...

I know I have made a lot of promises on here on posts I will write, and I have lots more ideas that I have never even mentioned on here. I have trouble keeping up with myself and where God is leading me, but I promise I will get to it all eventually. In His timing.

When I do finally write the Charlotte's Web posts, I will link them all together to make them easier to find. I will also link them all here for your convenience. There is a lot of free Charlotte's Web supplemental material out there. Like, a lot a lot. So when I do finally write them, they will be packed. A lot of time and research is going to go into those posts, and I promise the wait will be worth it! I could just throw up a post using just what I already have, which isn't bad, but I know there is so much more out there, and doing something just to do it and get it done is not my way...

For those of you waiting on Charlotte's Web or any of the many posts I have promised, thank you for your grace and understanding...

For those interested, here are the Charlotte's Web posts that I have written. (I will update this every time I finally write another one):

Charlotte's Web Free Printable Coloring Pages

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fast & Easy Eggs (in the Microwave!)

These are the easiest, fastest, fluffiest eggs you will ever make. Clean-up is even easy, because you can eat them in the same bowl that you prepare them in. Bonus!

Recipe: 2 eggs + 2 Tablespoons of milk + salt/pepper to taste in a microwave-safe bowl. Mix well with a fork. Microwave for 2 minutes. Voila! Breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner is served!

Step 1: 2 Eggs + 2 Tablespoons Milk + Salt & Pepper

Step 1 {Variation}: 2 Eggs + 2 Tablespoons Milk + Salt/Pepper + Garlic Powder + Mozzarella Cheese (Can also add cut bell peppers, mushrooms, ham, etc.)

Step 2: Mix Well

Step 3: Microwave for 2 minutes. {If adding cheese/veggies/ham, etc., add an additional 30 seconds or so}

It takes 1 Tablespoon of milk and 1 minute of microwaving for every egg. You can add cut-up bell peppers, ham, mushrooms, shredded cheese, etc. for a yummy, quick omelette. Just add whatever ingredients you want and mix it all up before microwaving. I have found that I need to add a bit more microwave time when I add veggies or cheese or anything besides seasoning. I like to sprinkle a bit of garlic powder in, too.

Makes a quick, yummy breakfast or meal! When my kids were younger, I would often make them these eggs for dinner if I was making something that was too spicy for them to enjoy.

My hubby and I have had many a date night where I made the kids these eggs for dinner and then tucked them in for the night. After they were in bed, we would order Curbside-to-Go from 54th Street or Applebee's and have a nice late dinner and a movie at home.

If making these for the kids as a meal, I usually serve them with a side of fresh veggies with ranch. They like dipping the eggs in the ranch, also.

This also makes a great, quick, protein-filled breakfast without the mess of making a traditional omelette. And if you are really pressed for time, you can even take these eggs with you on-the-go, straight from the microwave! {Although keep in mind that the bowl will be extremely hot at first!}

{Note: In case there is any question about this, the eggs should be cracked into the bowl. This recipe is for scrambled/omelette eggs and not hard-boiled. Microwaving an egg in its shell will cause it to explode!}

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Charlotte's Web Free Printable Coloring Pages

*Edited 4/26/13 and beyond:
I will be posting links here to all the Charlotte's Web posts that I've written besides this one to make them easier to find:
About the Charlotte's Web Freebies, Printables, and Activites...

*Edited 4/17/13: There are several coloring pages in this list that can be printed off at www.honkingdonkey.com. Apparently they did not like my preview images of their coloring pages. I have replaced the preview images with "{Image Removed. Click through link to see}." I apologize if I inadvertently broke any of this site's policies. It was never my intent to steal content--only trying to help others find Charlotte's Web related coloring pages throughout the web.*

One of our favorite books from Sonlight Core B is the classic Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.

This is part 1 of a series of free printables, supplements, and activities for this book. My kids LOVED having coloring sheets that coincided with the chapters we were reading, so I thought I would offer them up for you to print off as well. I tried to provide a lot of different ones to appeal to different kids/ages. Print them all or just a few. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more Charlotte's Web freebies and supplements!

Chapter-Specific Coloring Pages

Week 1: Chapters 1-5

{Image removed. Click through link to see--adorable!!}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}
{Note: This picture shows 2 pigs. To explain this, you can say that Wilbur was going so fast that it was like he was here one second and there the next, so both pigs are him at different points in time.}

Piglet Coloring Page Worksheet
{For some reason, this pig just looks sad to me. If you disagree, you can use this coloring page for any chapter you like!}

Week 2: Chapters 6-9

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

{Image Removed. Click through link to see}

Coloring Page of a Goose and Goslings. From an antique coloring book.
{Note: This coloring page shows 8 goslings, while only 7 hatch in the story}

{If you have trouble printing, there is another one here}
{Note: This is actually a tarantula, but it shows all 7 parts of a spider leg if the kids want to see them as Charlotte names them off. Also, this isn't actually a coloring page, so printing is trickier. When you click through, you will have to highlight the picture and then choose "Print Selection" through the Print Menu (Control P)}

Week 3: Chapters 10-13

Week 4: Chapters 14-18

Name:cricket insects bug coloring pictures.jpg,April 27, 2009               

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel coloring page

Week 5: Chapters 19-22

Charlotte's Web Coloring Page Worksheet

{Note: The book does not actually say that Avery does a handstand, but the picture on page 152 shows him doing one amid all the excitement.}

Other Coloring Pages {Any Chapter}

coloring page spider


Online-Only Coloring Pages {Non-Printable; Can Only Be Colored Virtually}

Paint a coloring page Sleeping pig of the category The Farm
{Note: The above link has lots of pages of other online farm coloring pages also}

Friday, April 5, 2013

URGENT! Please Sign HSLDA's Petition to Help Protect Homeschool Rights!

Help! As hard to believe as it is, homeschool rights in this country are currently in jeopardy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the case surrounding the Romeike family, you can read more about it herehere, and here. This case has the potential to affect the homeschool rights of every American, which is pretty scary.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign HSLDA's (Home School Legal Defense Association) petition today: http://www.hslda.org/legal/cases/romeike/petition.asp

45,000 more signatures are needed by April 18. 

I was informed earlier today that teens 13 and up can sign it as well, so if you homeschool teenagers, they can also take action!

Thank you so much in advance!!

*Edited 4/6/2013: Sorry, the date the signatures are needed by is April 18, not March 19 like I originally posted. Oops! Can you tell it was a late night?*

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Printable Morning & Bedtime Routine Charts {That You Can Edit!}

{*Edited to add 6/18/2013: Apparently some people were having trouble downloading the charts. I have added new download links for readers who have an older version of Microsoft Word. Hopefully, everyone is now able to download them without any problems. If anyone has a problem, please leave me a comment. I can't fix what I don't know! Thanks!*}

Routines can be very helpful in making a household run more smoothly. I designed these charts to help make routines run more smoothly. These provide a visual way for kids to see what they need to do during each routine time without you having to tell or remind them of each step. There are lots of charts on the internet to help with routines that are very good. I created my own because no two households are alike. Some things that we incorporate into our routines are not necessarily in someone else's (and vice versa). For example, my daughter needs to brush her hair in the morning, but my son doesn't. Most charts did not have anything about vitamins on it, and this is part of our routine.

Vitamins not part of your routine? No problem! Because no two households are alike, these charts are fully editable. Want to change "Comb hair" into "Pick up toys?" No problem. Just switch out the comb for a clipart of toys and edit the wording. Viola! Personalized routine charts. I hope you find these useful in making your mornings and bedtimes go more smoothly!

Each chart is available in 5 colors: pink, blue, purple, green, and a generic gray. The colors are editable also.
To edit the charts, you will have to download them to your own computer, and then edit in Microsoft Word or comparable program.

If you have any trouble downloading, editing, or just have general comments, please let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, enjoy!

{Note: These charts are for personal use only. You may link to this post, but please do not link to the charts directly or upload them to your own site/blog. Thanks!}

Download Morning Routine Charts here
{If you have an older version of Microsoft Word or otherwise have trouble downloading the above version, try the Word 97-2003 compatible version here}
Download Bedtime Routine Charts here
{Or try the Word 97-2003 compatible version here}

Morning Routine Charts :

Bedtime Routine Charts:

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