Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Free Printable Goal-Setting Worksheets and Progress Charts

These Goal-Setting Worksheets and Progress Charts are a follow-up to my previous post, A New Kind of Resolution--How to Make New Years Resolutions and Goals That Stick.

All of these printables are completely editable once you download them, so if you need to tweak them here and there for your own personal use, you can do so.

{Note: These worksheets and charts are for personal use only. You may link to this post, but please do not link to the worksheets/charts directly or upload them to your own site/blog. Thanks!}

The Goal-Setting Printables: (it may be helpful to read my previous post on successful goal-setting before printing and filling these out)

1. The Goal-Setting Worksheet. This worksheet will help you take your general goals and make them more concrete. This worksheet is not specific to 2014 and can be used at any time. If you would like to set goals for a different time-frame than a year, simply edit your worksheet to read "6 months" instead of "year" (or whatever time-frame you prefer). You can download the Goal-Setting Worksheet here. If you would like an example of what goal-setting looks like, you can view my personal completed goal-setting worksheet here.

2. The Monthly Breakdown Worksheet. This worksheet helps you take your concrete goals from The Goal-Setting Worksheet and break it down into each month. You can download the 2014 Goals Monthly Breakdown Worksheet here. If you would like an example, you can view my personal completed monthly breakdown here. These worksheets are specific to the year 2014. If you are not starting in January or it is no longer 2014, you can download a generic one here.

3. The Weekly Progress Chart. The weekly progress chart is designed to help you chart your progress from week to week. Simply print off the chart each week and fill in your goals for that week. (You can find your goals for each month on your Monthly Breakdown Worksheet above.) Then, simply check off each goal as you complete it for the week. If you would like to keep track of your total for the year, you can put numbers in each column instead of a checkmark. For example, if your goal is to declutter your house, you can put the number of minutes spent decluttering, which will allow you to calculate a grand total at the end of the week/month/year. You can download the Weekly Progress Chart here. This chart is not specific to 2014. (For some reason, Google Drive keeps putting this chart in landscape mode, and I have not been able to get it to go to portrait. To fix this, when you download the chart simply switch it to portrait mode before printing. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

4. The Weekly Progress Chart --Version 2. The second version of The Weekly Progress Chart is specific to 2014, and it will automatically calculate any numbers you put in. If it is no longer 2014 and you would still like the calculated version, you are welcome to edit this one for personal use to suit your needs. Things to note: This spreadsheet has 53 "tabs" along the bottom, one for each week. Week 1 is on the main page, while each succeeding week is on its respective tab. Because January 1st was on a Wednesday, Weeks 1 and 53 are half weeks. Keep this in mind when determining whether or not you met your goals for those weeks. Once a week is over, simply transfer your 2014 totals to the next week's "Total from the previous week" to get an accurate updated grand total. (Note: just like the 1st version, Google Drive keeps insisting on putting this file in landscape mode. To fix this, simply put it in portrait once downloaded and save it before printing or using. Sorry about that!) You can find The Weekly Progress Chart--Version 2 here.

If you have any trouble downloading any of the free printables, please let me know in the comments below and I will do what I can to fix the problem. Thanks!

I hope that these printables and my tips from the previous post help you to successfully make some positive changes in your life this year. What sort of goals and resolutions are you making this year? 


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