Monday, December 2, 2013

Free Printable Kids Cleaning/Chore Charts {That You Can Edit!}

Remember my Free, Printable Morning and Bedtime Routine Charts {That You Can Edit}?

Well, now I have free, printable cleaning/chore charts, too! Because, again, no two households are alike, these are also editable.

These cleaning charts help keep the toys/clothes/etc. picked up around the house.

For each room, my kids understand the charts to mean that they are to clean their stuff out of those rooms. so, when it says, "Clean living room," they know that it means they are to pick up everything of theirs in that room, not that they are to clean/dust/vacuum the room itself. 

I use the morning charts before homeschooling, and these cleaning charts afterwards. My kids know that before they can do something fun, their cleaning chart must be done first. This helps provide motivation for them to clean quickly! These charts work great at our house. 

Each chart is available in 5 colors: pink, blue, purple, green, and a generic gray. The colors are editable also.
Just like the morning/bedtime charts, you will need to download these cleaning charts to your computer and then open in Microsoft Word or comparable program if you want to edit them. 

If you have any trouble downloading, editing, or just have general comments, please let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, enjoy!

{Note: These charts are for personal use only. You may link to this post, but please do not link to the charts directly or upload them to your own site/blog. Thanks!}

You can download the cleaning/chore charts here.

{If you have an older version of Microsoft Word or otherwise have trouble downloading the above version, try the Word 97-2003 compatible version here.}

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