Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun: Tons of Crafts, Printables, & More (All Candy-Free!)

Ready for some more Valentine fun? (Here's my previous post in case you missed it: Valentine's Day Fun: 30 Fun Food Ideas.)

Today's post includes 6 different categories, and all of the ideas are candy-free!  

  • Gifts to give your kids
  • Printable Valentines
  • Valentine's Day Crafts
  • Adorable Valentine Hair Ideas
  • Educational Activities & Printables
  • Family Activities

Gifts to Give Your Kids

Printable Valentine's Day Coupons for Kids
(I am SO excited to give these to my kids this year. With coupons like "No chores for a day," "Your pick for dinner for an entire weekend," and "One date night with just you and me," it allows me to give one of the gifts my kids cherish the most: my time. My kids will LOVE these!)

secret valentine messages
(Cut out hearts and then write on them with a white crayon. Hide them in strategic morning places. The kids have to paint over them to reveal the secret messages. Cute idea!)

You Rock My Socks Off Valentine! printable

Printable Valentines


LovePaperPaint Valentines Printables

LovePaperPaint Valentines Day Printables

(There are even more styles if you click through)

Valentine's Day Crafts

valentine book

(I adore this craft! And it could easily be modified to be made out of colored cardstock if you prefer)

Adorable Valentine Hair Ideas:

Heart to Heart Valentine Hairstyle (1)

Elastic Braid Heart (You can see more Valentine hairstyles here.)

Valentine Hearts
Braided Pigtail Hearts

Heart braids. Adorable!
(There is no tutorial for this, just a picture. Sorry!)

Girls Valentine Hair Style.  My mom used to do my hair like this when i was little for valentines day!
(No tutorial for this one, either. Just the photo.)

DIY Heart Hair Clips

Educational Activities & Printables


Love Bible Verse Coloring and Tracing

Poster in two versions ~ black background and white background!  FREE

All songs centered around "Jesus Loves Me" message

Valentine activity for kids

Free Valentines Day Unit Study
(Including Printables for the Upper Elementary Grades)

FREE! Valentine's Day Color-by-Numbers: Addition to 10

Pinned Image

Family Activities


Make this Valentines Day family day

Family Valentine Fun From the Mouths of Moms at B-InspiredMama.com

Need Even More Valentine Fun?

Free Valentine’s Day Resources

If, by some crazy chance, you need even more  ideas, you can check out my Valentine's Day Board on Pinterest.

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